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Offer for referrers


Real money making offer

This is a real money making offer that you can be proud of helping others and earn money while doing it.

School is celebrating

The National Truck Driver School is celebrating our 37 th year of training truck drivers with over 35,000 graduates.

A friend or relative

Look, if you are aware of a friend or relative that you think is underemployed or unemployed do them and yourself a favor and tell them about us.

Here are some of the elements that make NTI grad referrals so special and employable.

  • Referred “newbie’s” are very motivated because you talked about your experience with them.

  • Our graduates have a sense of community and always want to see their friends and relatives due well in life.

  • Our graduates have an understanding of the trucking industry and inherently recognize other individuals that would fit in.

  • Of utmost importance is the grad referral will respond to motivation offered up by our Grad and that helps your referral to get paid in the future and you in the near future.

  • For the future we are going to change the whole book about student acquisition campaigns. We are modifying the primary advertising to an Industry first. We are going to take our advertising budget and put it back in the bank and wait to spend the money on $500 referrals from our alumni graduates. That is money well spent and it works!

  • OK here is what you do and how you get paid and how we get very sorely needed new graduates for the Trucking Industry.

Every Graduate can benefit from the program equally whether you graduated in 1978 or in 2022. Makes no difference.

The trucking industry is in need of fairly clean personal background, good driving record and a desire to excel and improve their life working for one of our employing partners.

Before you refer someone, it is a good idea to tell them you are going to refer them. We are pretty sure you would not be “referring” them if you did not think it would improve their life.

Keep your referrals serious and don’t recommend people who are already enjoying a good livelihood like your brain surgeon, your favorite Apple computer executive, I think you get it now, just people you feel that you could help to positive impact that person’s life and income potential.

Go to then enter your referral’s info. You might visit the site and see what information we will need to accept your referral.

We will contact that person and discuss his/her background and future thoughts and plans. We will see if they would be a good fit for us and the trucking industry. If they decide to enroll we will send you a $200 check. After your referral graduates we will send you another $300! That is making great money don’t you agree? From the School’s point of view we would rather pay past graduates than to pay the ad agencies. It is all the same to us and probably will cost about the same as what we spent on ads to get our message out to interested parties.

Only one past graduate can be paid

Only one past graduate can be paid on any given referral. The site will not accept your referral if that person is already in our database.


If your referral enrolls, you don’t need to call us, it is all automatic and we will send your checks at the appropriate interval in the referrals training program.


The best part is we need trainees to fill industry needs. That means there is no limit on the number of people your refer. You can check your “Referral List” and we will mark any student with an “Enrolled designation”. You will always know where you stand.

Hope you like the offer and are ready to get to
work. Do you have more questions? Mail us

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